beadboard backsplash - anyone have one?

musicteacherAugust 14, 2014

Everyone I know has tile backsplashes, and I hate to admit it, but that may be one of the reasons I don't want one. That and the fact that I want something plain not patterned. I have seen some pretty bead board backsplashes - with what looks like a baseboard at the Don't know it those people really use their kitchens. Is this practical behind the stove? Would real wood be better than the paintable, waterproof plastic type? Or will I be sorry I didn't pick something more bulletproof? My kitchen in on the cottage/country side I guess.

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I don't have a picture to post right at the moment but we used beadboard for our backsplash. It went along with other original beadboard in the house (100+ years old) and so it seemed like a good option. We use our kitchen hard and splatter a lot of oil and other sauces and have never had one bit of trouble cleaning it off. I will admit it is sometimes even quite a bit after the fact that it gets wiped down! We used a very durable glossy paint on the wood beadboard that was color matched to the antique white of our cabinets. It has been 7 years and it looks just like it did when it was new.

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I don't see why not. It's perfect with cottage style decorating.

Are you aware of beadboard wallpaper? Looks like the real deal when it's installed, and can be painted just like the real thing. You will see it in some of the pictures where it's been used for a backsplash.

Here is a link that might be useful: Wallpaper

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It depends upon how aware you are when you're working in your kitchen. I have white subway tile, and I clean it when needed. I get a little nervous when homeowners prefer materials that "hide the dirt," especially in the kitchen. I don't want any dirt hiding in my kitchen. I do not wake up in the morning to last night's meal splattered on my BS.

If, after cooking a meal, you clear the dishes, wipe down the counters, and check your cabinets, BS, appliances and floors for what may need cleaning, you'll be fine with beadboard BS.

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We had a Beadboard b/s in one kitchen, but not on the run with the range . In CT I know, at least, you cant have something combustible for a b/s.

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Elraes Miller

I just added bead board to my back splash. It made the kitchen look so much larger and definitely a softer feeling. My house is a 50s cottage, although not true to cottage decor inside with my furniture. Slightly rustic to transitional.

My cabinets are fairly new, previous PO put in natural maple and they just don't go with the house. Not up to painting them, but wanted to bring some of the era of the house in. The original windows have dictated part of my decor. Don't hate me, but I put in white tile counters with black trim. The bath has BB half walls all around;

Not sure how long the bead board trim will last since all is new. The bead board is wood, but the trim is 3/4 poly, caulked at the bottom and the top where it meets the tile. Found this trim in the bead board section, the panels do not meet the counter as the trim has a slight indent to cover the edges which keeps water from getting to the panels. After painting it all looks like wood. I took the bead board to the base of the upper cabinets (ending with a 1/4 trim) and a few inches up on each open wall side of cabinets with the same 3/4 trim.

Still have a metal piece to install behind the stove. I'm not sure if this is needed, most kitchens with wall board don't have a fire resistant back, but perhaps the WB is and wood BB a fire possibility.

So far the bead board has been easy to clean. Knowing what needs wiping down after cooking helps to not have any buildup. It is just an easy wipe down as you would any area in the cooking scheme. Plain water/dish washing soap.

This install was from seeing so many pics of bead board back splashes and there are a few here who have shown their install too. Hopefully they will respond, would love to see their kitchens again.

The wall paper is true to the look of wood and think it could work well for a short time update. It is vinyl with sort of a foam detail. Sort of easy to dent or put an impression into the detail which kept me away from it. Others have given it good reviews.

Enjoy if you do this. There are a lot of DIYs on the net for direction, even using the wallpaper. Certainly not an expensive project and although it does take time to do well, much easier than tile and all the install products needed.

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I added a bead board back splash behind my coffee station. I really like it, but I plan to tile the rest of the backsplash area on sink and range wall.

If you are doing white bead board, they sell one for bathrooms that's well coated and cleanable. I had it in my old kitchen. Look in Home Depot or Lowes.

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Another shot of maple bead board

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I've had beadboard backsplash for about 10 years, no regrets.

Dilly ~ your kitchen looks lovely! Love the beadboard.

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I remember your soffit, and I think this is a lovely solution to what to do about soffits. It's nice with the tile BS, but I think BB would work just as well.

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Holly- Kay

I don't have it but I love the look. I really didn't want tile for a bs and was leaning towards no bs at all. I just didn't feel that my kitchen looked finished without so I used a tumbled marble that looked great with the other elements. I really like it but I like bead board better. BTW there is a porcelain that looks just like beadboard.

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When I was first married I had a painted backsplash....same color as the walls. Loved it....was scrubbable and easy to clean. My SS has bead board and it looks nice with his granite counter. He doesn't do a lot of cooking so doesn't get dirty but he had it before his remodel and has it again. I would not hesitate to use bead board.

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We had bead board cabinet doors in our last house, and although we loved the look, my wife complained about cleaning them, specifically at the bottom, where they met the trim. How do you clean that area? I want to use some bead board in our new kitchen, but I'm meeting some resistance.

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Thanks for your replies and especially the pictures of your pretty kitchens! I have to admit that the comment about "nothing combustible behind the cooktop" makes me a wee bit nervous. Technicolor, that sounds like the bead board I was looking at - with the groove to recess the board into. I would have to hire someone to do this as I don't have the saws, but it does seem easier than doing tile. I'm thinking that if you caulked well where the bead board meets the "baseboard" no splatters would run down in there. Right?

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Elraes Miller

A cutoff saw is fairly inexpensive (watch for sales) and doesn't have to be one with a dozen options. You may find bunches of projects to use it with. But also a jig saw would work too as it is needed for electrical openings and the trim covers any erratic cuts. Another power tool that you will find well worth having around.

Caulk won't change the ease of cleaning, it fills in to the shape of the BB. Admission it does get a bit dirty at bottom edges, but a toothbrush works wonders both dry and for wet cleaning. The BB behind my BR sink doesn't get dirty, it is the baseboard area that picks up dirt. Weekly/monthly cleaning does the job and a good paint goes a long way. Maybe the caulk actually does help in cleaning and never thought about it. I can see though how BB on cupboards could be a constant replay.

Love all the pics and knowing I'm not alone. The BB made such a difference in my kitchen and is so much brighter.

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I love the "country" look of using beadboard as a backsplash, and have been researching it online for a while. I just am not sure which product would be best to use, and if it would be okay to use it behind the stove. My stove is an electric slide-in type- with the control panel on the back. There is only 16 inches between the top of that panel and the bottom of my range hood, so I really think that beadboard would be okay...? My main concern with using wood or mdf beadboard is the shrinking/expanding that I have read about-- causing cracks in the seams where the individual panels meet, but is that *really* an issue indoors, where the temperatures don't have extreme changes... ? One other worry for me is behind the sink, which does get occasional water splashes... I have been looking at the PVC beadboard-- looks like it would be very easy to install, but again, I'm not sure about the contraction/expansion issue.... and I am not sure if it will look too "plastic-y"... Any thoughts on these issues from anyone?

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