Cordless shades for wide windows

jdnewbie2August 17, 2012

Hi, I am trying to figure out the best solution for some wide bedroom windows. The windows are 116 inches wide. They could potentially be broken into 3 panels, but the middle panel would still be 70 inches. We need room darkening and cordless. I was looking at the Levolor cellular shades at Lowes, but a lot of the reviews say the cordless mechanism breaks down easily with wide widths. Any ideas?

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Our bedroom windows are 79 x 34.5. We used cordless, room darkening shades from, I think, They are a bit of a pain putting up because you have to fiddle with the last couple of inches, but nothing like "breaking down." Do note, however, that we don't put them up and down every day - we like the light. When we recently purchased blinds for the 3rd bedroom just a few weeks ago, we chose corded, so I hear your hesitation on cordless.

Have you considered the kind that have a remote for raising and lowering?

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I just did cordless blackout shades for my bedroom window. Totally worth it! I went with Bali cordless from The brand shades did have some negative reviews so I went with the Bali. I divided the shades into 3 sections-- two 24 inch sections over the sliding windows and a 48 inch section over the fixed middle window. Sounds like you have a similar window configuration except bigger. If you are concerned that 70 inches is too wide for a cordless shade, you could make the side sections wider or even divide the shade into 3 equal secions. Yes the breaks between the shades will not line up with the windows, but when the shades are down you won't be able to tell and when they are up its not that noticible. Disguise with a valance or window scarf if it really bugs you.

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Thank you, I like the idea of breaking the window into 3 equal panels, but do you think too much light would get in at the breaks? The windows face south and east, so there is a lot of light in the morning.

I'm trying to avoid the remote control ones, but it might end up being our best choice.

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I just ordered Bali cordless shades for 2 windows that are 104" wide. I used 3 shades also w/one header. 2 narrower shades for the side casement windows and 1 wider shade for the approx 50" wide middle picture window.

It looks fine and I like the functionality. I can just open the two side shades when I want to let some air in but keep the middle down to block the sun and allow for more privacy.

There's only a 5/8" gap between the shades so no light gets in.

These replaced the former single Levelor shades I had in the bedrooms. They were very heavy and the cord finally broke on both.

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