Granddaughter's Christmas Presents

daisymeDecember 8, 2008

IT was fun to see the things done by other grandchildren, so I'm posting too what my 9 year old granddaughter made last week for her mom and dad for Christmas after raiding my stash. The first is a birdhouse for her dad, and the second is an ungrouted mirror frame for her mom. She insisted we color the thinset and leave it ungrouted. Who am I to argue with a budding artist?

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How cool. It gives them pride when they get to do things like this. My GD,3, and I made her dad and mom each a stepping stone. I had a hard time getting her to understand it was a secret til Christmas. Lol. She was so excited that she wanted to show them.. Your GD did a good job. I like the colored thinset.


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She did a great job!!!

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GEESH - that child is G.O.O.D. Just THINK what she'll become as she grow and does more. Keep her nose to it - she'll be a STAR!!! I'd sure like to see that little frame grouted, though.

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Hmmm Daisy, I think your GD takes after you in the art department. That is one cool birdhouse, and especially cool for a 9 year old!!1

Tell her good job!! And the frame is way cool too!!!

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