OT -- Prayers for all servicemen

kknyNovember 7, 2009

With veterans day approaching, I'ld like to express my thanks for all veterans and prayers for all servicement. Tomorrow I will be working with a program to provide a holiday meal to vets.

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Very timely KKNY.. Just back this afternoon from a funeral for a boy killed in Iraq... I am thinking and praying for his mom today and tonight, to get her thru this...

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Thanks for the reminder, KK, & bless you for doing this service for our veterans.

Here in Texas we're still reeling from the attack at Ft Hood, so, if you can, please say a special little prayer for those service members & families.

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My prayers go out to all of the families touch by war, and loss of a loved one, those who have family members still serving and those who have family members are are back and are still suffereing with war induced stress syndrome and problems.

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Yesterday was a long day. Veterans of all ages, shapes and sizes. Its always a reminder to me of many things. One man said to me that he knew he had made some bad choices in his life, but was trying to make amends. I think that is something we all need to remember, that as long as someone is still alive, there is hope.

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KK, you are always so good with community service. I commend you on that - I know your time and efforts are well worth it and do not go unnoticed. Blessings to you.

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