Two fixtures, one source

macminn18July 3, 2011

I would like to wire two fixtures from one power source. That part should be easy. Here's the wrinkle, at least to my thinking.

The power comes into one fixture, then on to the two switches, then out to the second fixture.

I have a two wire power source, then a 3 wire to the switches.

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You are correct that you'll need 3-wire cable to wire the circuit as you describe. You left out the part that you'll need 2-wire cable from the second switch to the second light fixture. I'm assuming that the two switches are in the same box. If not, you'll need 2-wire cable to go between the switches as well.

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I saw this done in a wiring book from HD, but it has the 3 wire going to the second fixture, then the switches, so I can't figure out what goes where.

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So my question is, I have the three wire runnin g to the first switch. How do I connect the 2 wire to the 3 wire in the first fixture box. Then how do I connect the three wire to the two switche and to the 2 wire going out to the second fixture?

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I'm not sure if this is exactly what you're doing, but here's a diagram. The black dots are connection points.

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