Shamrock mirror

ans_gardenDecember 17, 2009

Racing (like a turtle) to the finish line. I'm trying to get this done for a friend before Christmas... but I'm not done getting ready for Christmas - a dilemma. Oh well, if it doesn't get done soon, it will be a New Year's gift :)

Working on the andamento - I believe this would be considered opus musivum, tortured as it is:

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This house knows the stress of getting gifts done in time and all the details of getting ready. DD is frantically trying to finish a Fisherman's knit sweater, and other gifts. I'm all done w/gifts - now to the cleaning/cooking etc. I love your mirror. It is soooooo pretty. Your friend w/love it.

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Thanks sloe! I finished grouting today with Mallard (dark green) grout that I already had. Unfortunately, the purple beads don't show up in the pic now (better in person), and I wish I had done a border, but oh well. Here's the finished piece:

That china chunk looks like it's just sitting there, but it doesn't budge!

Still need to paint the sides/back to match the grout & attach hanger, but in time for Christmas - yea! WISH I could start another project, but my kids will never forgive me if there's nuthin under the tree... :)

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Just curious what other people use on the backs of these smaller mirrors. I have epoxy'd wire on the back in shape of u hook and also tried the little bars with teeth on them. What do you use?

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Absolutely beautiful, ANS. Love it, and your andamento highly enhances your design. Beautiful gift. GARDEN: Most of my hangings are large, so I get heavy mirror hooks from a glass company - ones w/four holes for screws. For a small mirror such as the above, the little bar w/teeth works fine.

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