I got Slowmedown for Christmas!!!!!

Calamity_JDecember 23, 2012

WHOOHOO!!!! Hubby just told me he has given me a lump sum to make my Slowmedown dreams come true!!!ha! So it looks like I will either go meet her in Mexico...or go visit her Awesome Home. I am gonna let her decide that part! What say You Slow?!!! xoxo!

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What a wonderful gift!

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Holy Cow!!! Well since I'm staying home this Christmas and doing a quiet, alone Christmas, except to have dinner w/Jeannie and Bill tomorrow, this is the most wondeful gift I could have received. I am so speechless I don't know what to say, except - you l'il heifer!!!!!!!! YOU decide which it w/be, but you KNOW how much I enjoyed that week June b/f last here. If you come, we'll spend the whoooooole week this time playing w/our toys, instead of running all over seven counties. I'm so excited I just don't know how to respond. Oh, JANEYBO - how wonderful of Richard to do this. Give him a huuuuuuuuuuge hug for me. He's a dear. Then, of course, this w/probably be my last year in PV, so that's a thought. It's up to you dear heart.

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I just can't believe it is happening, I have been off work with injuries and just have been back and working full time so not a lot of mosaicing being done...so when Hubby(who used to be Scrooge!) said he was giving me a trip to see Slow, I was floored! It's the BEST present EVER!!! It's gonna be great!!!!!

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You've been a goooooood l'il girl to Richard. Thank him for me. Can't wait. Bring KLINGER!!!!!!!!!

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