Flickering Lights

jaailaniJuly 3, 2011

Hello everyone. For about 5 months, the lights in the kitchen area, my office which is by the kitchen as well as in the garage, the lights flicker every time I turn on the light switches. Could anyone tell me why this is happening? I had a friend to look at it and he said that my breakers do trip so that's a good thing. I'm very confused and a little nervous because I don't know if it is or could be a fire hazard. I was told to have an electrician take a look at it but until then, do anyone have any suggestions on what is happening?

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Are all of these lights on the same circuit (same circuit breaker or fuse)? If so, my guess would be that you have a loose connection somewhere in that circuit. Yes, it can be moderately dangerous because loose connections can heat up and cause fires. I'd certainly have this checked as soon as possible.

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