Please help..Where should lights be hung?

amck2August 10, 2014

I'm finally getting wood flooring throughout our second floor bedrooms. They are pulling out baseboard tomorrow, pulling out carpet and doing other preliminary work.

My SIL is coming over tomorrow night - while things are open and before new floors go in - to wire for sconces that I want flanking the bed. The headboard (on order) has a curved shape.

I have not been able to find many pictures showing where a swing arm wall sconce should ideally be placed. Should the plate be centered over the nightstands (which I've yet to order) or be closer to the bedside?

I can wait till the room is painted & furnished before we hang them, and I can adjust for height then. But I have to decide about where along the width of the wall I want them to install the wiring.

The lamp will be traditional style light with a cloth shade - not a modern metal one - if that makes a difference. I'd appreciate any guidance.

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I would center the plate over the nighstands, I think.

What I do for fixtures where I don't have an exact position is ask the electrician to leave a long loop of wire in the wall and then have it poking out of a hole in the approximate location.

Then when dimensions are settled I have them come back and install a box. It works better if you know one of the dimensions, because you can have a nailer to attach the box to at the vertical or horizontal position that is long enough to attach the box at various positions.

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I think it depends on the length of the arm and whether you plan on using to read in bed. Some of these pictured would NOT work for reading, so if you want them placed over the table and want to read in bed, make sure you can get a light that will have a long enough arm to work.

This is hung closer to the bed, but the size and night stand arrangement works for that and you could easily read with it

This is centered but long enough to reach the side of the bed for reading

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Annie, I love how the wiring is hidden under the molding in the first photo.

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I,opted to put two small spot lights over my bed. I love them for reading! Also less clutter than wall lamps.

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