Ceph ...nightmares..

pseudo_momNovember 1, 2008

Sometimes normal sometimes not ....

My little guy had an issue with this not often but he was usually getting sick...

He would wake up screaming for me but was still sleeping he would come into my room yelling for me with his eyes open but he would not "see" me ... like he was looking right through me .... with in couple days he would be sick with fevers or colds ...no clue if related or not. Just something I noticed.

Are they nightly could he be waking up and not recognizing where he is ...he does sleep a lot of different places ....

If its things try a night light or spray bottle to get rid of the "things" before bedtime...

Now that you are aware of them keep notes and see if you can pinpoint whens and whys

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Did the nightmares start after cousin was mean?

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If it helps, those are pretty common in young boys. My older son went through a phase of them that lasted 1-2 years, and little guy still has conversations in his sleep.

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Thanks ladies!
Your help and support is so wonderful.

He's always had nightmares/terrors, but they seem to come and go... Bad for a few weeks, then better for a few, rinse and repeat.

He does have a few triggers: over tired, stress, hyper before bed, etc.

His night light does make a difference - I think the light keeps him in a lighter sleep for longer?? - and we've been leaving it on a lot more lately.

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When my brother was little he used to walk through the house totally asleep. One night he was sleepwalking and got tangled in the curtains by my mom's bed. She said when she tried to wake him he looked right through her. Another time it happened at my dad's, I heard a banging and I went to his room and he was standing with one foot on his skateboard, bumping it into the wall. I woke him up and he went right back to bed. The next day he denied it had happened. Still another time he woke up in the leaves in the backyard, and was surprised. I think he grew out of this when he was 9 or 10, but said it only happened when he was having bad dreams.

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both me and my brother had serious issues with night mares. we both had them a lot growing up.

My DD never had night mares. not once. As I alanyzed it it might do somehting wiht the life style and household...

My household was always very quiet, barely any argument or noise. But when I grew up there was always a lot of noise. my parents are noisy, espcially my dad. also they used to have arguments when we were young, arguments were shortly before going to bed.

also times that children go to bed make a difference...We went to bed in irregular times, sometimes late. it would bring all kind of troubles to our sleep patterns. I put DD to bed early, very early, and she would sleep through the night with no problems.

make sure he goes to bed early, house is quiet, no arguments or loud talking, no loud TV etc

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Ohhhh good idea Pseudo!!! "If its things try a night light or spray bottle to get rid of the "things" before bedtime... "

Make "monster spray" with water and some aromatherapy oil, like mint or lavender. He can keep it by his bed.

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