hey :)

joyyDecember 1, 2008

not sure anyone will remember me, seeing as i haven't been around in a long time. i haven't had a chance to mosaic in about 6 months due to my better half securing a great job wayyyy up north (in northern ontario). so, i stayed in southern ontario to sell our house, pack etc. we got up here 3 months ago but life's been crazy. it's different but good ...BUT.... there is no stained glass store up here. not one. :(

my folks are still in southern ontario where there are lots of stores, though, and we'll be going back for visits so i guess i'll just have to stock up when we're there!!

anyway, i managed to get one project done since the move so far. (plus a bunch of fridge magnets) i'm hoping to get more things done over christmas.

i've been lurking a little here and there and have seen some really beautiful things that you've all been making. keep up the great work!!! :D

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Wow! That is really beautiful!! I love how the black grout really pops those colors!
Welcome back! Looking forward to seeing more great stuff from you!
I don't have a SG store in my town either...it's sad.

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I remember you, JOYY, and your wonderful work. This one is beautiful as well. Don't stay away too long. Get back into the swing of mosaicing. I've taken a break too, b/c of necessary tasks, but look forward to resuming.

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Welcome back Joyy! For someone who hasn't been here to play with us awhile, you sure jumped back in style. Your dragonfly piece is awesome! I love the black grout. IT sure set off the colors.

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Glad you are back posting!! I love the dragonfly!

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Hey Joy, great to see you. Congrats on the move and your partner's new job! Great dragonfly!

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Hey Joyy!!! Great to hear from you again, like me...MIA, but at least you have this AWESOME pc to show up with!!! It's so vibrant! Love it!!

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I too like that black grout.
Looking forward to you getting back with it!

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Very pretty.

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