Connecting wet-location wall fan to existing junction box?

elofgrenJuly 17, 2013

I would like to install an oscillating wall fan to the side of my garage to cool my patio and discourage mosquitoes.

The wet-rated fans I've seen have a normal electrical cord with plug. (I can't use a damp-rated fan here.)

I have a floodlight that is seldom used where I'd like to mount this fan, I assume but haven't checked that this is on a normal 4" junction box. It's on a switch just inside the garage.

I could remove the floodlight and install a waterproof outlet with in-use cover, and plug in the fan, but I'm thinking there must be a "neater" way to hard-wire the fan.

Does anyone know of a product that lets me do this? In another situation I have used waterproof conduit attached to a knockout in a foam-insulated faceplate, but in that case I was able to attach the conduit at both ends. I'm not sure how to deal with the fan end of the wire in this case.

Any ideas? Or has anyone seen on the market a fan that's designed to mount directly to a wall box? I'm really trying to avoid installing a giant double-gang weatherproof outlet with while-in-use cover halfway up the wall--and I'm not completely sure it's possible if it's a round or octagon box.

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I vote cord and plug as you described.

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