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mattie_2008December 17, 2009

I just took some pictures of some of my projects and have downloaded them to Picasa. Can anybody tell me how to move them over to here? Thanks.


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Save each photo as a document in your computer storage for pictures, then upload them to an on-line photo storage, such as Photobucket, Flickr etc., then to the forum by copying the URL from your browser to the message w/codes before and after the URL.

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Hope this works, I am not computer savvy!

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Worked beautifully. I'll add your codes in front/back for a clickable link. I LOVE your work, especially the inserts on your steps. Your Don Quixote is mind bogglingly intricate. Wonderful work, MATTIE.
a link

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Thanks so much for posting the link, I couldn't figure that out. I started Don Quiote last winter down here and am now filling in the background. Kind of disappoined that the blue tile fades into the background so much. I might just paint him another color. As I said, all I've used on this is a hammer for breaking the tile and all the tile has been found on the side of the roads from construction jobs. The white tile is geting noticeably larger as I am tired of working with one color, have to hold myself in check so I don't get too lazy about it. It's going to be a housewarming gift for friends who have just bought a casa down here. Hope they like it.
Thanks again
hasta Luego

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Sorry, that is Don Quixote, must be old age settling in!

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Your friends will definitely love this - very cool. I like the larger tile mixed with the small pieces (good contrast), and the spacing/placement of the tiles on the bottom is perfection! Beautiful work on the steps too.

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