Hot Tub Grounding Wire

khuggartJuly 19, 2010

I noticed lastnight when I was standing on my wet deck and touched the water in my hottub I received a bit of a shock. I immediately cut off all power to the hot tub. Today I checked the power panel for the hot tub and noticed the grounding wire from the hot tub had come loose inside the panel and was no longer connected. I reconnected the grounding wire to the panel and tested the water and no shock... Don't yell at me I know it was stupid to test with my hands but at the time I thought the shock lastnight was so minimal it should be okay... and fortunately there was no shock. Do you think connecting the hottub grounding wire corrected my problem or should I look at something else? I also have a grounding rod with a copper wire connecting the panel to it and it is about 8 feet dep and next to the panel. I've read and heard different comments that say there should be a grounding rod, and there shouldn't be a grounding rod. Which is best advice?

Thanks in advance... khuggart

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Can you describe "the grounding wire from the hot tub"? What wire is this exactly?

NO, no ground rod is required for a hot tub. If there is a sub-panel in a detached structure there should be one, but NOT one for the tub itself.

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We have a separate subpanel that comes off the main - 50 Amp Fuse... "aluminum wiring" unfortunately that runs underground to the hottub and is wired to a subpanel. There is a copper wire that comes off the subpanel to a grounding rod just inches away from the panel and about 4-5 inches underground. I'm not sure the size of the wire but it's thick enough that it's difficult to manipulate easily. We were told to add a grounding rod "years ago" when we installed it so we did.

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Well the ground rod is for the panel, not the tub, and is required.

Are you saying you have AL wire from the sub-panel to the tub. Larger AL wiring like a feeder to a sub-panel is typically fine, but most tubs require CU wiring to them.

So specifically what wire came loose???

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The wiring from the main panel to the subpanel is aluminum. The tub has 3 CU wires plus a copper ground wire to the subpanel. The copper ground wire is the one that was not connected... no ground. We ran a multimeter on it lastnight and it doesn't appear there is any leakage so I'm HOPING that reconnecting the hottub ground wire to the subpanel fixed the problem... any thoughts?

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ONE thought - GFI breaker!

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GFCI is on the subpanel and I tested it after I reconnected the copper wire and it appears to be working fine.

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So are you saying the ground wire is separate from the other three?
What is the rating of the tub? 240? Or 120/240v? Meaning does it require a neutral?

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240... has a neutral wire on it.

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OK, then that is a 120/240v circuit. The ground should have been run with the circuit conductors.

I am still unclear as to what ground wire you are talking about.

Can you post a pic?

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