Issue with ceiling fan

stevenc131July 2, 2010

We've had ceiling fan in place for over a year, it has lights as well as the fan. The lights are inside a globe and they worked ok until the last week or so when the lighting became very dim. There are 3 bulbs inside (the small base type you see in a Vanity). I thought one or more of the bulbs had gone out.

When I took off the globe, all 3 bulbs were lit, but very, very dimly. Since I had already purchased a pack of new bulbs, I replaced all 3 with new 40 watt bulbs. The new bulbs made no difference, the light is still very dim, almost non-existent, just as before.

The bulbs are not flickering, there's no noise or electrical smell, the bulbs are just very dim. The fan works ok, although since we almost never use it I can't tell if it's slowed down or not, but the blades rotate at a pretty good pace.

We haven't had any electrical work done recently. There is another ceiling light across the room, and it's very bright. We haven't noticed any other electrical issues on the 2nd floor where the fan is located (or anywhere in the house).

Due to the thick globe, the lights have never been ultra-bright, but as mentioned above, the lights barely glow now.

Any ideas?

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Some bad connection is resulting in a reduced voltage at the bulbs. Are there wall switches involved or do you rely on the pull-chains? Does the fan turn as vigorously as it should/always has, or is it showing signs of reduced strength, too?
Personally, I'd first suspect the pull-chain light switch or the light connections inside the base of the fan hub.

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