Shea's Patio Sconce WIP

texaswildDecember 8, 2011

Can't wait 'till tomorrow for the fun to begin. Haven't a clue how to mosaic it yet, but I'm sure it'll come as soon as the first piece goes on. Her mouth is too big - just like mine.

Patio Sconce WIP

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Ooh, very nice, SLOW. I can't wait to see it with some color on it. I'll bet this will turn out beautifully. I'm do you do the edges? On my butterflies, the wings were thick enough for me to do a thin tiled edge on them. I then butt up the front and back tiles to the tiled edge. It's tricky to tile that edge, though. What do you do?

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Pulled out blue for the eyes, red for the lips and a purplish pink for the rouge. Light w/show through all of them. Re the edges, if there's an edge I stick a little piece on, and if it's not even I just leave the grout. I'm not as perfection-minded as you are, so my stuff is hit/miss and I make it up as I go. Off each of the points of the rays, which were free formed by hand, I'll hang a diamond-shaped mirror w/a bead on each side of it. I love danglies. This is gonna be a fun piece to work on.

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Very CUTE!!! I LOVE danglies too!!! Sounds great! I am busy decorating my place for Christmas....I am the only one who does/enjoys Christmas holidays and I say Phewy on Them!!! I'm gonna have fun!

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Love it SLOW!! I know i will be beautful, yur work always is!!

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Thanks you two. Hope it's dry enough to begin the colors today. Soooooooo busy getting ready for Suzie's visit and then our trip to Dallas for a huuuuuuuuuge family Christmas, including a horse/buggy ride to see the lights, shopping in the busiest mall in Dallas on Christmas Eve, the dinner and opening gifts after brunch on Christmas Day. I LOVE Christmas too, CALAM. We make it big here in Texas.

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OOOh this is gonna be COOL!

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