Christmas ornament

nicethymeDecember 24, 2011

I needed to make something to give to our hosts on Christmas, Our neighbor has invited us to dinner and I thought I would bring her a home made ornament. I built it on a polystyrene ball and just mixed paint into white silicone and smooshed the tess into that. At the end I sprinkled it with mirco marbles. I also put our location and year under glass to make it a keepsake.

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Ummm. That looks like a priceless treasure. Your neighbors will love it and pass it down to the next generation.

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SO neat love it!!

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Lovely and sparkly! Just like You!!!!

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I w/never have thought of that method. Didja use oil paint? You beat all. What a lovely and elegant ornament.

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no, just acrylic... I've mixed them before when using silicone for making molds, so I could see that I got complete coverage between layers... didn't have any problem with curing.

Thanks, She seemed pretty happy to get it.

I'm considering making these to sell next year and thought one cool addition might be to put a fishing spinner on the top so they can turn freely.

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What a cool idea and gorgeous too!

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