unconnected ends in 3 wire cable.?

birdgardnerJuly 15, 2011

The circuit is hall light - 2 wire cable-

C bath switch - 3 wire-

C bath light - 2 wire-

M bath light - 3 wire-

M bath switch - 2 wire-

M bedroom

Current is carried in the black wires, leapfrogging the lights. The lights are supplied by the red wires, controlled by the switches. The red wires carry no current unless the light switches are on.

The 2 wire cable between the two lights runs between wall studs where I want a recessed medicine cabinet.

I could put a junction box in the attic at the hall light, run a new cable to the M bath light, and pull the offending cable. Then connect the C bath switch to the C bath light using the black wire in the 3 wire cable, leaving the C bath light an end box.

Then the circuit is branched:

hall - C bath switch - C bath light (end)


M bath light


M bath switch, etc.

Would it be code to simply put a wire nut on each end of the red wire between the C bath switch and light, which would now be disconnected from everything? I do not want to pull this 3 wire cable and replace it with a 2 wire cable if I can manage not to, as it turns corners, goes through studs, and is stapled very securely.

And what if I can't get a disconnected cable all the way out because it is attached firmly in a wall cavity I don't want to open?

Can I just mark it as not hot, and feed it all into the inaccessible wall cavity?

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I have NO idea what you are describing, but if you are saying you have a 3-wire where you needed a 2-wire, you are FINE.

Having extra conductors is not an issue and is often beneficial. Just cap them off.

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