Need Floor Lamp Re-wiring Instructions

et1399July 14, 2006

I am rewiring a vintage floor lamp that besides the main bulb holder on top - it has three other ones on the side about 5" from the top for different lighting settings - then it has another small light bulb on the base. This is not a simple regular lamp re-wiring. Anyone knows of any instructions on how to rewire them? I don't want to put junk wire on it as I want it to last for some time maybe #16 to #18 stranded.

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This is no simple re-wiring project. If you are not well versed in lamp re-wiring I suggest you find a good lighting store to re-wire it for you.

I doubt you'll find instructions or a diagram for such a thing.

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I used to have a lamp fitting that exact description. I love old lamps.

If you didn't make notes or diagrams when you dismantled the lamp, you're kind of stuck. But typically you have a keyed socket for the top, which just connects across the line. The base nightlight just has a switchloop to a SPST turnswitch in the collar. The multilevel lights are wired to a 4 position (off, 1, 2, 1+2) turnswitch, still a standard hardware store item. Switch position 1 connects to one of the lights, position 2 to the other two. Switching is all done on the hot side of course and neutrals are all tied together.

If none of that makes sense, no offense, but maybe you don't have the basic electrical grounding to do this and should take it to a pro. A lighting store is a possibility, or an old fashioned electrician. Younger ones could surely do it too but won't remember these things and won't want to bother, while the old guys are more apt to get a kick out of it.

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Is there a wiring book that covers most of the common household lamp wiring for floor, table, chandler, dimmer switches, doorbell, ceiling fans ect. I have worked with lamp wiring for sometime now but just on a hobby level. I wae recently hurt on the job and I can no longer work in my previous profession. I enjoy working with my hands and was thinking of going into business for myself. Such as lamp repair & installiton and needed a little more help with some of the not so common problems that might come up. If any of you know of any Books that would help please let me know.

Thank You

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Hello I have a similar question as the original question! The only difference is my lamp is a Night Light Table Lamp and while changing the bulb and putting the lamp back together I seem to have bared wires which in turn shorted it out! I think the only thing I really messed up is the wires near the socket! I am wondering exactly what kind of socket I would need to get and if it is possible that I just rewire the socket without having to rewire the entire lamp!
I can be contacted via if you have an answer! I am hoping that Davidr sees this post, he really seems to know what he is talking about!!

Here is a link that might be useful: MySpace Page

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If your lamp is tripping the circuit breaker then it's quite likely that it's miswired or damaged. However I don't quite understand how you could have bared wires while changing the bulb.

If you took it all apart, the trouble spot could be almost anywere. In that case you'll probably have to take it all apart again, and this time (1) make sure it's wired exactly as it was before; and (2)make absolutely sure that no bare wire is showing anywhere.

Make your wire-to-wire connections using small wirenuts. Ask the hardware store counterman for help with getting the right size - I hope you have a good hardware store nearby. Again make sure no bare wire is showing when you've screwed the wirenut on.

Wires placed under screw heads, as on lamp sockets, should wrap clockwise. This way, when you tighten the screw, the wire is pulled in toward the center of the screw, rather than being pushed out. Also, after you strip off the insulation from stranded wires, grab the end of the little wires and twist them all together counter clockwise. This twist will minimize fraying when you tighten the socket screws.

Here's a little more info.

If you took the lamp all apart and didn't make drawings of how it was wired, you may have big trouble getting it together right. Might have to find a friendly electrician to help.

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How do i wire in a nightlight with its own switch in a floor lamp?

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#1 Don't tack this onto a 7 year old thread. It is ok to start a new one.

#2 I'm not sure what you are asking. You have nightlight with its own switch? In a floor lamp? Can you describe it better or have some pictures to show?

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