Multiple GFCIs tripping

jreagan_gwJuly 23, 2012

On several occasions, we've had multiple GFCIs that have tripped. Septic tank pump, bathroom outlets, garage outlet (the ONLY outlet on the circuit with nothing plugged into the outlet), etc. Sometimes one will trip, sometimes many will trip.

We've had some rather strong T-storms of late with lots of lightning. Could nearby lightning strikes or power surges cause this? Dirty power from the local power company?

Thanks for any advice or theories!

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Lightning can cause GFCI devices to trip.
The closer the strike the more likely.

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If these are all the same brand I would try a different brand. We had one GFCI trip when the microwave was opened in the middle of a cycle. A different brand than the rest of the house. Other than that one we have never had a nuisance trip on a GFCI.

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