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w0lley32July 8, 2013

Hi! Where I work, in the stairway to our office, there are several electrical conduits of various sizes that run close to the handrail. I just happened to inadventently touch one of them and realized it was very warm to the touch, kind of "top of a CRT monitor that's been on all day" warm. I followed it by eye and found it feeds the overhead mercury vapor lights.

I found it strange that this particular conduit was warm, so I felt the other ones and they all are at room temperature. I would be curious to know whether this is normal or not.

I will keep your answer for myself, not do anything about it, but I am curious, to hear the answer.

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Ron Natalie

Heating comes from the amount of current flowing through the wire versus it's size. Warm isn't particularly concerning.

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If the warmth is not painful to the touch, the temperature is not high enough to be a concern.

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