GFI & Bathroom light will not work :(

Brad_SpikerJuly 12, 2013

I have been dealing with an issue in my bathroom for some time now. I have a light fixture, a wall fan, and a bathroom light (i assume are all on the same circut) that will not work.

After some investigation, i believe that the power goes from the light switch, to the GFI (110V) and then to the light fixture.

The test light appears on the GFI at random times. It is very dimly light. I had my dad test the power going to the GFI and it is getting less than 110v.

We replaced the GFI, the light switch & the breaker. Still no luck!

Any suggestions as how to get this fixed would be a huge help... I have a newborn and would really love to have the bathroom light work, and to not worry about a fire or something serious happening!

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Ron Natalie

Most likely you have an open hot somewhere between the GFCI and the panel. A less than 110V value in house wiring probably means you don't have a connection at all (you're just measuring induced current).

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Thank you, that is good to know.... What troubles me is that the GFCI test light comes on occasionally & it is very dim... is that an indiactor of anything?

Could there be an issue with the wiring from the circuit box, to the lighgt switch? Is there way for me to find out?

Do you have any recommendations on how to resolve this issue? I'm all out of ideas :(

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Ron Natalie

The problem is almost certainly between tthe GFCI and the circuit breaker panel given the description. I'd start with the box where the GFCI is in and work my way backwards. The stupid LED in those things can light up with open circuits as well.

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