Share how you met your spouse or significant other?

believerNovember 26, 2008

I was curious if any of you would like to share how you met your spouse or significant other? You may have done this in the past, before I came to this site but I was curious. I thought that with the many different back grounds here it would be interesting to hear your stories. I will start and you won't believe this:

My hubby and I met on an Internet dating site. It was a Christian site. He lived about 1700 miles away. We started communicating via the computer and then moved to phone calls. We talked several times a day for many months and then he flew to where I live for our first visit. Several visits and a million phone calls later we set a date and were married. He proposed on father's day. I had also began emailing with his grown daughter. Since his younger daughter, now my SS10 had lost her mom to cancer when she was 6, I also started emailing with her mom's parents. We've been married 3 years as of this past October. I know it sounds unconventional but it's working quite well. Now you know how crazy I really am!

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This is soooo lame:) I met Jonathan while he was playing one night at a bar called The Log Cabin. The funny thing is I really DID NOT want to go. My friends kept telling me what an awesome band it was and I had to go and blah blah blah. It wasn't untill the very last second I relented and went.

During the course of the night he wound up asking one of my friends who I was,was I married, where did I live etc. Of course my friend ran up to me with the standard "Oh my GOD! The guitarist was asking ma about you!" HAHAHAHA. We hung out and talked during set breaks and then kept in contact after the show. We started going out on little "hang out" nights once a week and it all kindof sprung form there.

The band was really good and I thought he was pretty adorable for a hillbilly wearing his camo pants and Dead Kennedys shirt but the one thing I remember most about our first meeting was that the first thing he mentioned was his girls. He busted out pictures and everything. He had their names tatooed on his forearms. It was really cute. I knew I liked him immediatly.

Little did I know I would wind up being such a big part of those girls lives and be preggers with this guys child! I would of never have thought it. It is really odd how things work out sometimes.

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Oddly enough, we really don't know.

We think it was in 2000 (but it could have been '99 or '01) and our best guess is that it was at a mutual friend's housewarming party... But it could have been any number of other outings or parties during that time frame.

We were friends for years, not close friends, more like acquaintances - and then we started spending more and more time together... Then we kept talking ourselves out of dating, until we gave up on it and just decided to date (which I'd say worked out rather nicely)

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lol...i met mine at a group lunch outting at work. Had no interest in him..he was just another coworker and I was engaged to someone else, and he was happy married. Then 9 years later i went to pick up a computer part and accidently bumped into him. He asked me out for beer and during our conversation found out that he was divorced about 2 years or so ..etc..etc.. I had ended my engagement loooong 8 years.I had no interest in dating him and over time we hung out more, became friends and then one night over curry (he which way too hot spicey for my tongue!)we kissed..and voila!

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Dh and I worked at the same hotel. For a long time we were little more than coworkers and worked our way up to being friends. (I had no interest in dating ... he had not been divorced for too long.... before I started there but not really long enough to want to get together with him) But, low and behold a hurricane side swiped out city. We were at max capacity due to everyone running away from the hurricane from down south and we were trapped at work... bridges were shut down... the city was shut down. After an incredibly hellacious night (btw when the city is shut down due to a hurricane and you are staying at a hotel have a little common sense that things are not going to be perfect) The head chef gave us and a couple other coworkers a bottle of wine and we crashed in some rooms that were shut down for mtn. We ended up talking all night long and everything fell into place from there.

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It's interesting to me how others met so I suppose I should share my story.

I had made my DH at the time leave, had no intention of ever living with him again and had filed for divorce. So just for something to do on a Saturday afternoon an older couple and I went to a lounge to listen to a couple of guys play guitar & sing. The next Saturday they couldn't go so having nothing better to do I went alone. While I was drinking a bit I knew I had to drive myself home and knew not to drink much. Then all of a sudden I was intoxicated and crying. I will always believe the manager of the lounge put something in my drink. My now DH noticed and started trying to take care of me. I wouldn't have any part of him taking me home but called my daughters to come get me. He was a deputy sheriff and his only intention was to make sure I was safe. Then the next Saturday, feeling rather embarrased, I went back to listen to the music again. As soon as they took a break the singers headed straight to my table. After talking for a while I learned that one was divorced and he learned that I was in the process. We started dating, my divorce became final and we married 2 days after the required wait. I know some of you think as long as the divorce isn't final it's not OK to date but my opinion is that when I'm done, I'm done, they can do the paperwork when they get around to it. My ex was out of state, never to return. The reason I made him leave was because he wouldn't keep his CS paid to his ex-wife. Anyway, we've been married for 23 years. I started playing guitar & singing with them and enjoyed that until we got too old to want to bother with it. Now we're just old people at home together with our pets. Our 6 kids/steps are no trouble and all of them love us. Some of the g'kids are a PITA though.

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My DH was shopping for a better rate on his insurance. During our talk about the insurance we hit it off. We worked his insurance over the phone. He wanted to know what I looked like so he asked his dad (my long time insured) Dad called me, I sent DH a note saying if he wanted to know he should come to the office. A week later he was in my office with a picture of himself. We talked on the phone for 3 more months first date in January Married in July. Now we are a family of 7 living happily ever after. LONG STORY SHOR...LOL. He moved an hour away to be with me.

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One of my closest friends helped me through the end of my ten-year marriage. Of course, she heard all of my sob stories about how rotten my marriage was and what a jerk my Ex was, so when she met a man who was the complete and total opposite, she just had to fix me up.

I was at work one day when she called and asked if I had a second. I said sure, so she proceeded to tell me about "a good friend of hers" that she wanted me to meet. Then she said "hold on a second" and handed him the phone! We talked for a bit but didn't set up anything specific because I was travelling a lot for work, but she kept after us both (relentlessly) until we agreed to meet for lunch about three weeks later.

I got to the restaurant a few minutes early (I hate being late), and got the very last parking space in their tiny lot. At about one minute after the appointed time, he pulls up right in front of the door, gets out, comes in, and apologizes profusely for being late (it was only a minute or two), and explains that he has to find a parking space and will be right back. I was impressed by his considerateness, and thought he seemed nice-looking and easy to talk to.

Over lunch, he told me he was a general contractor, and said he was renovating his house, and I asked him for his advice about a water leak I had just found in my ceiling. I told him I was leaving for a week's vacation that weekend and the wet spot had grown measurably overnight, so he offered to come by and take a look at it after lunch. Since he was a friend of a friend and I lived just around the corner from the restaurant, I agreed.

After looking at the wet spot and the area above it on the second floor (my bathroom - toilet drain line - yuck!) he said he'd have to cut into the ceiling to see how serious it was or wasn't. So he went out to his Suburban, brought in a toolbox and a change of clothes, changed into work clothes, pulled out a little ladder, then sawed a perfect little round hole in my ceiling. He was up on that ladder with sheetrock dust and toilet water dribbling onto his shoulders when I commented to him that "I'll bet this is one blind date you won't forget!" And he just laughed and looked down at me -- and I looked up at him -- and that was it -- magic.

As it happens, I found out a few months later that my friend had only met him a few hours before! And it was a "pure physical chemistry" thing that she thought I'd appreciate. She had no idea what a wonderful guy came with that hunky physique!

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I met my husband on yahoo personals. I did a 'comprehensive' search... very detailed and specific and he was the #1 match. (my request was for only people online, within 30 miles) and I started a chat with him... we chatted online for two days and met the next night for dinner & the rest is history. I can say he is everything I was looking for... specifically. He tells me the same thing.

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Me and a good friend went clubbing in the city. After leaving we made a wrong turn somewhere and eventually realized we were not in a great area. I told her to pull over at the nearest gas station so we could get directions. We did. I saw a squad car in the lot and decided asking a cop directions was our safest bet.

Well after getting directions and me looking horribly confused he wrote down the directions and his cell # in case we got lost. I called him when I got home to thank him and tell him we got back safe and we had a long conversation. We began calling eachother regularly and eventually he asked me to go out to dinner. We continued seeing eachother every kid-free moment we had and the rest is history!

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