Generac standby generator - clock problem

sarahlee123July 9, 2013

We have a 14k Generac standby generator with Nexus something-or-other - please excuse the vagueness - I know very little about these things.

But I do know that the internal clock time is off, and its weekly exercise run time has been delayed by almost 40 minutes for the last two weeks. What could be causing this? I do have a good service company, but they are wildly busy right now and don't consider this a priority, since my generator is working. I can certainly understand that, but I'd like to have an idea of what the problem is and if it needs a repair. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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The clock's time is off.

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Ron Natalie

I'm not familiar with that controller (I've got the 80KVA unit), but I suspect for some reason the controller clock slipped time. I'd check to see if it has some internal battery that's gone loopy. Either that or the stupid thing just doesn't keep good time.

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Rebel222 and ronnatalie, thanks for your replies. Would either of you know if this clock issue could cause problems with the actual running of the generator, or is it just a nuisance with the exercise run time?

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Ron Natalie

As far as my Generac is concerned, the clock only is used for starting the exercise time and logging purposes. It really doesn't have much to do with the generator operation. It's the transfer switch that tells the generator to start and the generator will try for a bit before it gives up (if it doesn't start) but the inaccuracy of 30 minutes in weeks isn't likely to have any practical issue.

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Ronnatalie, thanks so much for the information! I would like to get the time set properly. When the service techs are less busy, I'll ask them to walk me through resetting the clock. I'd really like to get it back to its proper exercise time so I can be there to listen for it each week.

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