Bio Mom update

doodlebooNovember 17, 2008

So for any of you who read my Hello Bio mom post you know the score. She's least for now.

Jonathan did call and talk to her about the "mama" thing. He told her that both girls were obviously upset (R was actually crying) once she left and he wasn't going to satnd for it. That she needed to lay off of the girls and let them decide without pressure whom to call what...etc.etc.

Her reaction was "Well I'll just let you guys have it then. You just go on a be a happy little family together....." You get the picture. It was a pity party on her part.

Well anyway just to update, we haven't heard a peep from her since. No phone call. No nothing. So I guess it's more important to her to be the only "mama" than to actually see her girls then right? It's been a whole week now. I just can not get over this womans nerve.

Meanwhile N has been asking about her and we don't know what to tell her. ARGH!

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Argh! How frustrating.

But you know, she will be back one of these days. I'd just enjoy the break while you've got it...

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Enjoy the peace while you can! She is probably embarassed and heartbroken. She is probably one of those people who walk around forgetting their wrongs and all she can think about is how "her" babies are calling you mama. Forget the fact that she has been in and out of their lives!
GRRR...she reminds me of my skids bm.

So on another note how is your pregnancy going? When are you due? Do you know yet if your having a boy or girl?

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You are both right. Enjoy the break because there will be some other poo to contend with when she pops back up. (eye roll here)


I am 33 weeks. It's a girl. We have only had a few minor scares that turned out to be nothing. At the time they sure didn't SEEM minor I can tell you that...hahahaha. Her name is Layla.

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