Baffled by exisiting wiring

econjonJuly 3, 2012

Hi, I'm new here, but hope to get a bit of help. (oops, how do I attach a pdf?)

I am in the middle of a a remodel project turning part of our house into two bedrooms. Everything has gone smoothly until I tried to figure out the old wiring. I only cut out chunks of wiring that were pulled from outlet to outlet. This is represented in the picture below as a ? mark.

If i connect the whites where the ? mark is, then the top light and corresponding switches work, but there's no power to rt hand double gang box. I can get power from pig tailing off traveler to the jumper between boxes. But then the power to following devices is controlled by light switches. Alternatively I can connect the blacks where the ? mark is, but am subject to same concern as before.

So my thought is to connect both white and black where ? mark is, and remove switch controlling outlet before ? mark. What do you think? How did this work before

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Ron Natalie

Most likely you have switch loops involved, where power goes to the box with the light or receptacle and then to the switch and back.

I'd recommend the book "Wiring Simplified." You can get it at Home Depot.

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If the two stitches are controlling the light it would appear you have a 'stolen' neutral (or hot) in the 3-way switch circuit.

It takes 3-wire cable to create a 3-way switch circuit without 'stealing' from another portion of the circuit, a violation of the code.

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