Using an air bed as a permanent guest bed

ebs5572August 1, 2010

Has anyone used an air bed in the guest bedroom and just left it inflated all of the time, as their "permanent" guest bed? I don't get too many visitors so I was thinking of doing this as opposed to buying an actual bed. Question though- how do I dress it up to look like a real bed? I know you can basically disguise them so people don't even know they are an air mattress.

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Seems like a reasonable idea, although I have heard that over time they do deflate and you need to re-inflate them.

I would think if you buy the kind that are bed height, not a single layer height, you would just put on a spread, etc. and that would do it. Of course people will know when they sleep on it or sit on it that it isnÂt a regular mattress.

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I have 2 of the inflatables from Frontgate and they are wonderful. I am not sure about leaving them inflated all the time. I suggest you contact the manufacturer to find out if that is an option.

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A friend of mine used a bed height inflatable in her vacation loft for 2 years without any trouble. She sold the loft, so I don't know about longer use. If it lost loft, couldn't you just add air? It looked fine with linens and spread. BTW-she and her husband were the users about 1 week a month, and they are both TALL people.

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We've done this for our step grandchildren. The mattress stays inflated indefinitely. You can put a thin foam mattress topper on top of the air bed if you want it to seem more like a regular mattress. They love it, and claim that it's very comfortable. Ours is on the floor, but you could put it up on a bed frame, with plywood beneath it to support it, and use it like a regular mattress.

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It would work just fine, I think. But if you don't already have one and plan to purchase, check out the mattresses in places like Walmart (mattress in a box) and Costco. I bought a twin foam mattress at Costco for an elderly lady and it was about $150.

The blow up beds are great for people with limited space. That doesn't seem to be your issue.

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I think it'd be a good way for your guests, after they pack up, to decide to stay instead at a motel or hotel the next time they come your way.

You have the space for a real bed, right? Or are you wanting to use the extra room for something else most of the time? Even buying just a mattress set (with the free cheapy frame they throw in) would probably cost the same thing, once you start adding all those extras to the air bed to make it look like a real bed. A queen-sized raised AeroBed comes close to $300. (I have a twin-size that is not the raised version, and while I had no problem using it, I would not think it'd work for anyone even slightly older than I am--I'm in my mid-40s--because it can be hard to get up off in the middle of the night. It's just OK for some people, but not for others.)

Be careful trying to create a bed frame for it. You don't want it to hit a wood or metal corner (or screw) and hear hissssssssssssssssss in the middle of the night. (Yes, I heard that. When I was sleeping in. Darn magazine rack was just too close!)

Depending on who your guests are, have you considered a daybed? Or one of the types of sofa beds that fold out flat without taking up too much space? (take a look at the link below)

Here is a link that might be useful: target sofa bed

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Goodness, I absolutely can not sleep on an air mattress. I'd go for a real bed. If it will be rarely slept on, then it will last for years, and maybe could replace your own mattress when it wears out?

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We have gone through many air mattresses...cheapies to the more expensive pillow top ones. They never last in my house and it always seem that they never really hold their air as well as getting big bubbles/lumps of air on one side.

They are great for what their purpose is, a temporary bed. I would get a real mattress if you have the space.

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I slept on my sister's for a week (it wasn't a very good one) I am amazed I could walk.

You can get such cute beds for a song on craigslist and buy an inexpensive mattress and add a pillow top if you need more comfort. But the mattress alone should be fine.

That's just my opinion.

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We used a raised queen size aerobed in our third bedroom as a bed for overflow guests and left it permanently inflated. Those things are amazing. I love being raised up and off the floor.

We used a king size bed skirt which did reach the ground (mostly) on both sides, queen size fitted and flat sheet and a duvet. I don't think you could really tell it was an aerobed.

Sorry this is the only pic I have on my phone and you can only see the corner, but you get the idea of how we had it dressed up.

To reiterate how long it has lasted here's another pic also in our third bedroom of our previous house. With occasional fills (touch of a button) it stayed up for years!

I don't if I would have wanted it to be the only spare bed though. Our main guest room got the most guests and that was on a 'real' bed.

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Just a could put two good quality twin air mattresses together with a queen topper and sheets to "join" them. It would make it more comfortable for couples to sleep on, where they wouldn't disturb one another while getting up or moving around and could also adjust their sides the way they'd like.

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oops...I meant king topper and sheets. I think two twins makes a king, right?

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Two twins almost make a King.
Twin mattresses are 39 in wide by 75 in long. So two twins put together have a finished size of 78 x 75, or 75 x 78 depending on where you put the gap.
Kings are 76in wide by 80 in long

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I'm more comfortable on a good quality air mattress than a cheap, regular mattress.

And remember that it's very difficult to sleep comfortably with another person on an air mattress due to too much movement - just like on a cheap, regular mattress. :(

Also, air mattresses can be cold, so you might want flannel sheets if the room is drafty. :)

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I laid out a grid of storage boxes (clinical/court files I need to keep for years but not access). Topped with a queen bed skirt. Then a queen air mattress (Coleman I think).Then 2 inch memory foam from Costco. It has been set up for a year and has not needed air. Very comfortable.

DH uses it daily for 'meditation' aka nap.

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Aerobeds are not comfortable, esp. not for couples. I just slept on one recently (or I should say tried to sleep). If you inflate them too much, the are hard on the joints, but if you don't start with them firm, they sag during the night as they deflate.

Since I expect you would buy a box spring or some kind of foundation to raise and support the mattress, why not just get a regular steel coil mattress, or generic memory foam mattress for the top instead of the air bed?

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You cannot go wrong with a Frontgate Bed

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