Replacing 4 way switch?

footwedgeJuly 31, 2011

The existing leviton 4 way switch is in the middle of the run, if that matters. There is a 14-3 entering and a 14-3 leaving the box. The two blacks are nutted and there's no power directly to the switch. The 4 remaining red(2) and white(2) wires(travelers) are connected to the switch.

The exiting screw orientation is: 2 bright penny color screws at the top left and right and 2 dull brass screws at the bottom left and right. One set of wires are connected at the top: red right and white left. The other set of wires is connected to the bottom: red right and white left.

The new lutron switch screw orientation is diagonal: 2 bright penny colored screws at the top left and bottom right and 2 dull brass screws at the top right and bottom left.

Should I match the existing screw/wire connections which means the pair of wires will be diagonal to each other than normal like the existing since the matching screws are on a diagonal?

Since these are travelers does the orientation matter?

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"Since these are travelers does the orientation matter?"

Unless you care about the all switches up and all switches down being on or off the travelers are interchangeable at each switch.

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