Beach glass Christmas tree

chickeemamaDecember 9, 2007

Here is my beach glass Christmas tree that I had started awhile ago and finished this morning. Its not a gift I just made it for a decoration in my house. The idea came from a project card from Michaels. I used glass I had tumbled myself. I looked at the glass they sold and I've gotta tell ya..I could make a whole lotta glass for what they ask for one small container!!!!

Its not as fun as Siruis's trees (or as colorful) but I like it and it was a quick project.

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That is really nice! I like the "icy" look of it!


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My son is asking for a rock tumbler for Christmas. Is that what one uses to tumble glass? You tree looks awesome.


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OHMYGOODNESS - IS THAT EVER BEAUTIFUL! Girlie - you don't need to apologize for this one. That is the prettiest little tree. I just L.O.V.E. it. So didja just start at the bottome and layer the pieces? What glass did you use to tumble, and how long did you tumble it? What's the star, and how tall is it? Full of questions, huh, cuz I might like to copy the concept for next year. This is REALLY a beautiful table decoration.

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I think it's beautiful!!!!! is it on a styrafoam base?

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Oh, that is just a beautiful little tree. What a great idea, I bet it reflects the light nicely.
Hm, I wonder where my beach glass is.

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Very pretty! Looks like it's perfectly made for a table of sweets like peppermint bark, white chocolate fudge, white chocolate popcorn, etc.


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oh, that's precious and sure gives me an idea..

I have bunches of the sea glass sitting around here, in bowls, glasses, and dishes...
wouldn't it look cool, to have the glass fastened to the tree, with little copper squigglies popping out in lots of places?

I have some glass from overseas and there are some broken pottery shards with it....
maybe one night, I may just do something like wouldn't have to be only for Christmas..I might just leave it in the window. and maybe fasten some glass beads to the copper wire.
thankyou for that idea.

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Oh I love the icy look too!You did a wonderful job I'm full of questions too but if your answer Slow's you'll answer mine.great job Chickee!

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Chickee, you are always coming up with great ideas!! I saw a glass candle holder just a few days ago, that would look cool done like that! Maybe even have a small light to light it up!! (Like a battery powered candle)! Adorable!

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I love how it turned out! I love the muted colors. Maybe that gives me another idea, tumbled glass... I was at Michel's today and it is robbery what they want for 10 pieces of cut 1" pieces of glass $5.99!

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Love your tree, Chickee!!!
What a great idea!
I'm interested in all of the "how-to" answers, too.

As I remember our dollar store has tumbled "beach" glass... and WalMart does too. Both have got to be better then the Michael's price!

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Neat tree Chick!
It would be great if you could light up the center somehow.

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OH That is pretty!!!

How do you make beach glass in your tumbler? Tumble stained glass with sand/grit?

LALA I just got a tumbler from Harbor freight. Stinks to high heaven. LOL But it works great for taking the sharp edges off the stained glass bits I have been using. Saves on grinding.Less than $40.00 shipped. I thinnk I got it on sale.


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WOW CHICKEE!! I LOVE THAT! You are so creative! The icy look is so cool.
You are really coming up with some great ideas.
I have yet to try to make beach glass. Gotta get on that!
How much grit are you using....or is it sand?


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Wow Im surprised at the response..Im glad you all like it and I will try to answer the questions. You girls always say the best things to lift someones spirits!!!!

It is a styrofoam cone I got at Joannes fabrics I'd say its about 8 inches.

I tumbled (in my rock tumbler from Harbor freight) clear glass (wine bottle)and put it some course grit for about 3 days.(its the grit used for polishing rocks) Not full days either cause I only do it when Im home. It turns that frosted look after the glass drys. The green glass is still the left overs of a jager bottle that I tumbled awhile ago.

I started at the top of the cone and worked my way down. I started using GE II to put the pieces on but changed to a low heat glue gun which really worked great.

The star is just red scrap glass I had and cut out with my wet saw.Then I foiled and tinned the edges w/my soldering iron and soldered a piece of copper wire and stuck it in the styrofoam. The top of the cone was flat and I left that bare until I finished the star then hot glued the glass under it.

I want to make one with a clear base so I can put lights in it like others have suggested. It will look so great lit from within.

Hope that answers all your questions and cant wait to see how you all make them and the creative cool spin you'll put on them!

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That is so adorable!!! It looks like it is covered in snow. The light idea is a good one also, but this one is so pretty. ~: )

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OooOOooooOOoh I LOVE it! I also love the frosty look of it:)I don't have a tumbler:( but we just got a Harbour Freight store! And this is so husband keeps mentioning how much he wants a rock tumbler like he had when he was a kid:) I saw one at Michaels for $30, and if it's not on sale I can use the coupon for it,lol!

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Thanks for the info, CHICKEE - WOW - just a regular wine bottle. How cool. I REALLY love this piece of art.

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This is one of the prettiest creations I've seen in a long, long time. You did a beautiful job! Right into my inspirational folder!

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Kudzu- be careful of the tumbler you get. A base one that does not roll doesnt work the same way the one from Harbor freight does. I can say that from experience but from what I've heard. Check harbor freights web sit and you see the double tumbler that I use and you'll see what Im talking about.

Thank you all for the great compliments. As Slow always makes my morning coffee all the sweeter!!!

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Shades: Any bottle smashed up works great, you don't have to use stained glass unless you want to keep it flat or a certain color, My Buddy Cozy Cat, uses the greatest bottles she finds at ts.
Kudz: Speaking from experience, I'd get the dual tumbler from HF as your hubby can play at the same time or you can get abunch done at once! They are smaelly at first like Shades said but that goes away.(Or maybe the fumes I inhale take!)
Icheer: I have gotta starT making an Inspiration Folder too, as I get so many ideas from here that I have probably forgotten half already!!!

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Chickee, what a beautiful decoration! I love your creativity.

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I am just W I L D about that little glass tree!!!!
I is fantastic !!!!!! I want it !!!!
I wanta make one !!!!!!
Gee it just sooooo cooooool !!!!
and to think.... you just made it and tumble the glass and glued it... and now you can show it off.... and enjoy it !!!!
Oh me oh my..... what a wonderful feeling !!!!
Thanks so much for sharing !!!!
God Bless !
M E R R Y + C H R I S T MAS !!!!

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Your use of beach glass is perfect for that icy look. Great creativity and work...That's bound to be a conversation piece.

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I have a "kids" rock tumbler and this past summer I broke some bottles into small pieces and put them in the tumbler with some beach sand and water and tumbled for 5 hours. My glass came out with softened edges and the pieces were nicely frosted.
Do not overload with glass.

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