Is this weird? Breakers without info stamped on them?

la_koalaJuly 1, 2012


I was looking at my circuit breaker panel and noticed that the GFI breakers recently installed do not have information stamped on them like the other breakers next to them do.

Is this out of the ordinary?

I mean, the others have the UL symbol and manufacturer's info actually stamped on them. The GFI breakers have nothing but their white Test buttons.



The ones with the white buttons are the GFI breakers. As they were recently installed, and there is something screwy going on with the kitchen receptacles, I looked more closely at the circuit panel and noticed this difference. As they stick out like a sore thumb, I don't know whether to worry about them being poor quality or not.


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Ron Natalie

It's possible that they are listed breakers and the writing is somewhere other than the front of the case (you'll have to remove the breaker to see it) or it could be some piece of non-listed (i.e., illegal) crap.

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Hi ronnatalie, thanks for responding!

And thanks for making me feel like this was *not* a stupid question. :-) (And for not making me feel stupid, as some of my family members might have.)

I had no idea that the writing is possibly on another part of the breaker. All of the other ones are on the front of the case.

I called the electrician to come and check out some of the receptacles that are acting oddly. Because they were all done as part of his job, including those breakers.

Thanks again!

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Many brands of breakers have never been marked on the visible face.

The marking is often on the 'on' edge of the breaker.

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Ron Natalie

I did some checking and the real honest to god Cutler-Hammer Type BR GFCI breakers look like what you have. You won't know for sure unless you pull it out and look on the side.

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