Will this pass inspection/code? Kitchen under cabinet electrics.

SparklingWaterJuly 27, 2013

Hello. Do you mind taking a peek at these kitchen under cabinet electrics photos (Unilume LED ucl and dry wall conduit, raceway etc)? Thank you.

Conduit exiting drywall: what to do about hole?

Splice box tucked up between side of cabinet upper and wall:

Was hoping to avoid raceway, have conduit directly to splicebox as designed then jumper cable to light:

Conduit from drywall through raceway by faucet (the tall spiral of faucet shown). Does this need capping for possible water spray exposure or something?

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Seems fine to me.

What about the hole? That tiny spot? If it bothers you just patch it with compound or painter's caulk.

No, no protection needed from spray. If it were needed then everything in your kitchen would need to be outdoor rated.

Just so you know, if something electric gets wet it does NOT automatically blow up or short out.

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Thanks, petey, for responding. Yes, a patch of some sort for the 3/4" hole seems good. Maybe the same over the faucet.

Good to know your last sentence too.

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