1 switch for all exterior lights?

kcinkc71July 12, 2013

sorry if this has been addressed previously. we are just finishing foundation and framing starts soon. I would like a light switch in the master br to turn on all exterior lights (garage, front door, back and side floods) in case of a bump in the night. Is this a huge undertaking? and does it effect the switched for those lights that are near to them (by front door....) obviously some extra wire, but anything I should ask for during electrical walk thru in about a month?
thanks in advance

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I would look into some lighting control/automation systems. There's some pretty cool stuff out there these days and the possibilities are endless.

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Ron Natalie

It's not a big thing. As Wirenut alludes it depends on just what you want to do. If you want maximum flexibility some of the automation things like Z-WAVE, X-10, or Insteon give you the maximum flexibility.

If you just want a switch in the bed room that turns on all the other lights independently of what their individual switches are set for yes it just takes some wire and a little forethought as to getting these wired up.

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Last one I did like that had 13 exterior fixtures to illuminate the entire perimeter of the house. I used three wall switches to "zone" the lights and installed a box in the basement framing with connections to permit powering those lights from the alarm system with a relay for the 120 volt supply. Not sure if the alarm company followed through.

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Thanks for the replies. I will do some digging since I have some time. Didn't want anything too elaborate, just hitting 3-4 exterior lights with out going to the respective switches seemed like a good idea

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