A story about a dog and a dresser....

beepsAugust 18, 2012

So, I have a matching bedroom set - dated but it works for me. I still like the lines, although not so much the footboard. It consists of a queen size bed, nightstand, dresser, and tall chest.

One day, while at work....

this lovely dog (yes, three legs - affectionately known as a tripawd - he has bone cancer =( - and is embarrassed I chose to wrap a chemo wound in pink rather than a more manly color)...

chose to eat this dresser...

So I now throw a scarf over it to hide the scars.

The bed, nightstand, and chest (not shown) didn't appeal to his lust for wood that day, apparently, and escaped unscathed. (Little brother is naughty, but he was cleared of all suspicion).

So, I'm building a new home and would like to either fix this dresser or toss it and get something else. Or get a whole new matching set! :) I'm not a "scarves on the dresser" person.

I'm having difficulty with the not too matchy-matchy but not too different thing when working with a bedroom set. What would work in it's place? Or does the not too matchy-matchy rule not apply to bedroom sets? Things I see are almost-but-not-quite the same, or what-the-heck-is-that-doing-in-here different.

WWYD? Thanks in advance for advice, suggestions, etc.

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Personally, I love the set. I tend to be matchy matchy where my MB is concerned. I'd find some flat clear pine trim and run it like molding around the top of the dresser. You might (I can't tell from the picture) be able to use wood filler and stain it the color of the furniture. At worst, a piece of 1/8 inch furniture grade plywood cut to fit as an insert to the molding all stained to match.

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Outside corner molding. What a great idea! Why didn't I think of that! I think that's what I'll do. Thanks. =) (Can't use wood filler on that big area... he took some major wood off there.)

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So sorry your dog has cancer. What is his name? He looks like a sweetheart.

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Awww.. thanks. He's a very sweet boy - his name is Duke. He's a retired racing greyhound who just turned 7, and was diagnosed at the end of March this year with osteosarcoma. Life span after diagnosis tends to be very short, unfortunately. So I'm just loving him and letting him enjoy the time he has, however long that is.

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You could do what I do - embrace the canine decorations. I do try to prevent them but they can happen quickly - especially with puppies. I've come to value similar toothy decorations on various pieces of furniture because they remind me of much beloved dogs who have gone on and of the puppyhood of current dogs. I'd lemon oil (or what ever is appropriate to blend the damage a bit) and probably sand the corner a bit and live with it. Some of my 'decorations' are more than 20 years old and bring back good memories. The set is lovely and IMHO still appealing with the lacy tooth marks.

Duke, with his pink 'banner' looks content. He is lucky to have you. The way he is lying in the picture makes me want to reach out and pet him. Little Brother sure is cute.

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I like the bed and the mirror. Love the square lines of it. The dog is soooo cute as well. I hope you have more time than you expect with him.

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Such sweet doggies. So sorry to hear of Duke's cancer. Hope his days on this Earth are filled with love.

This is a little outside the box, but I really like that set and I'd try it if it were mine...remove the existing top and replace with a slab of stone, not too thick, because it'd be heavy, but it'd look cool. Or, less heavy, replace it with a 1/2" plywood and add slate, granite or marble tile and add wood molding trim.

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May every dog be surrounded by love (and tasty furniture) as yours are. After life as a racing dog, Duke is so lucky to have found a safe and protective haven with you.

I like the set very much and think jaysmom's suggestion is excellent. We have a chewed footboard, but it wasn't as imperative that we repair it seamlessly since the piece was somewhat distressed to begin with. Now it's even more distressed.

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Healing thoughts being sent Duke's way, and yours. I, too, have chew marks in various places on furniture (and woodwork).
It's a nice looking set. If you love the dresser, maybe you could look into having a professional furniture repair person look at it. I took a broken pedestal side table to a furniture restorer recently and he did a great job for a reasonable sum.

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I love the photo of Duke, I think greyhounds look sort of like deer and I would love to have one (DH vetoes, I have 1 dog and that's enough to him).

I second the suggestion to have a furniture restorer or woodworker look at it. They could maybe fix it for a smallish sum ($100?) and it would be a lot less than replacing it.

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Elraes Miller

You could replace the top with a new wood top from a good woodworker. Hang on to the old top for shelves or another use.

I'm sad for your guy. He is so blessed having you. When mine was sick, she ate everything of weirdness and was never an issue before. Didn't get into the furniture, but I too said whatever she wants it is her time. She was on pain meds and I think when the pain got bad was when she would chew.

Big hug for your guy.

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I'd also like to offer sympathy for Duke, who looks so sweet. It's sad to know he's only 7 and has this dx. It's wonderful of you to care for him so lovingly. I also let you know that you are not alone in furniture eating.

I was working in my office one day recently during a mild thunderstorm. Riley was under the antique pine table in the back of the LR, being perfectly quiet. A few days later when I went to dust it and water a plant...

The do-er, looking innocent? He has a brother and sister who wouldn't dream of doing something like this.

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Depending on how the piece was built, the top may come off easily or it may not. Possible you could take it off and rotate it so the damage is to the back.

Poor Duke. I fostered a tripod Golden for her final months of life. I was richer for the experience.

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I love the set and would try to get it repaired by a professional. It would be a whole lot cheaper than buying new. So sorry about your doggie, it must be hard.

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Thanks for the compliments on my bedroom set. And thanks also for the great ideas! I like out of the box, and the slab idea sounds pretty awesome. I looked and prefab pieces are too big but maybe I can get one cut down. Ikea has some not too huge, but nothing too exciting. Still, I'll be there tomorrow so will take a look.

And thanks so much for the kind thoughts and words about my handsome Duke. Poor guy got dealt a rough hand in life - I guess that's what happens when you are born on a Friday the 13th! ;o) He has an amazing attitude, spirit, and will to live, however. Sounds like I'm in the company of a lot of fellow dog lovers on this board.

And poor Riley, thunderstorms can be so scary! (Sorry about your table, however. Ouch!)

Graywings - hats off to you for fostering a dog knowing she had very limited time. I'm not sure my heart could take it.

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i am in the memory camp.our lovely archway into the dining room has wooden hammer dents in it from when my little DS stood on his Cozy Coop and hammered the archway. My camel leather cashmere lined gloves that I adore and wear- have a bite out of the wrist from Cooper.
I would sand a bit and stain the ripped wood, maybe the bite marks and call it done. To me those are precious family memories. perfection!

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I love the bedroom set (and all of the pups). Matching wood might be a little tricky so try something entirely different like soapstone or tiles of some sort. I think a soapstone top would look great with the style of the bedroom set.


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Or... You could rebuild the corner with wood-filler (or wood putty), and then paint the entire top black. That might look cool.

Especially if you also painted the tops of the night-stands and got black pulls.

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ah, Duke looks like such a sweet guy! little brother does too. Hugs to both of them!

yep, I have a good number of tooth prints and chewed things that i've grown to love over the yrs. After the initial shock and tears. I've come to the point that the things just aren't as important to me anymore as my furbabies. I'm not telling the puppy that tho.

It's like mega yrs ago with Jackie doing a guided tour of the WH - "These are engraved claw marks from a bone 'dig'. And over here is where Sir Pup enjoyed a corner of the Washington oriental rug. It was priceless. And then over there is Abe's favorite chair. It originally had an arm on each side of it..."

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