Bringing Conduit to Main Panel

rsoennichsenJuly 22, 2012


I am bringing conduit into my basement from a garage sub panel. 1 1/4" PVC.

The panel is in the basement against a foundation wall, sub grade, and so it not possible to come into the back of the panel.

The lb enters the side of the house above the panel between the floor joists. There is no combination of preformed PVC that will get it to the panel. Heating and forming PVC would be a real PITA.

Is the a flexible conduit solution?



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Why can't you use another LB fitting on the inside?

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In cases where conduit cannot be run continuously between specific points, a pull box can be used with conduits entering it at two or more points. The NEC specifies how to calculate the minimum box size, several rules are involved. Conductors are preferably not spliced within a pull box. But usually an LB will accomplish the same results.

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