Electrical Panel Upgrade

glaswegianJuly 1, 2010

Hopefully you guys can help with some suggestions and advice for this question? We just bought this house that was built in 1988. As you can see in the link below, the panel is small and there is no space left

My question is, in order to future proof the panel for future electrical add-on, people have said it will be cheaper to just put in a sub-panel, rather than changing the whole thing to a 200A?

What says you?

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You cannot future proof a panel, only guess at it. If you need the room now, upgrade but if you don't, just leave it untill you do.

3 yrs ago we were running 4x60 watts in 2 kitchen light fixtures. Now we are running 4 fixtures with 8x13 watt bulbs. That went from 240 watts to 104, more than 50% reduction. Our frig, freezer, dehumidifier and window air conditioner went the same way. We are actually using less electricity now than we did when we bought the house 6 yrs ago.

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