incognitomomNovember 17, 2010

Hi everyone. I know I haven't been on in a while, just been busy with the kids and activities and stuff. We are all doing good though. BM has not been around since she blew off ss's bday. The last time she even saw them was in the beginning of August when her parents came out here and took the kids for a few days to visit them and she tagged along. Kind of sad that she lives not even 10 minutes away and hasn't bothered with them, but it makes our lives easier.

My ex recently entered rehab for a drug addiction I did not know he had! Kinda scary. But in talking with his family we agreed restricted visitation is best for now when he gets out. He can see ds when his family is around for now or if I meet him at a mall or MCDonalds or something. His friends/gf's are no longer allowed around during visitation. This is all per me and his family, not court ordered. But he is agreeing with it all because he does not want me to take him back to court.

On another note dh and I have been trying to get pregnant for a while now and seeing a fertility dr. Today I go in for IVF procedure. I am a bit nervous...but hopefully this will give us the baby we have been wanting for so long!!

Talk to you all soon!

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Its me.

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I'm glad your ex agreed to the supervised visitation. That would just be a mess if he had decided to fight it; I'm glad that you could all be adult about it. I hope his rehab goes well.

I hope the IVF goes well!

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