Ceiling Fan Wiring with Two Switches, 1 to a Half Switched Outlet

slcusterJuly 10, 2010

I just installed a ceiling fan with a light kit where there was no previous fixture. I ran the ceiling fan wire to a wall switch which currently controls the top half of an outlet. I replaced the old single switch with two new ones, one for the ceiling fan and one for its light, and I'd like to keep the outlet half switched. In addition to power leading from the switch to the top half of the outlet, there is also power going from the switch into the ceiling to power another room. The electrical box for the switch contains the following incoming wires: 1B,1W,and 1G from power source and 1B,1W,1R and 1G from ceiling fan/light and the following outgoing wires: 1B,1W,and 1G to ceiling and 1B,1W,1R and 1G to outlet. Can someone tell me how I have to wire the two switches so I can operate the fan and light independently and still have a half switched outlet? Thanks for your help!

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Assuming you want to keep the switched outlet separate from the fan and light operation, you need another switch.

If you want the outlet to be on the same switch as the fan light then you can proceed with two switches.

"1b, 1w, 1r, 1g going to the outlet". Is this a 3-way outlet? That is, is there another switch elsewhere that controls the outlet?

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I will put the outlet on the same switch as the fan light. The outlet is not a 3-way outlet. The top half is switched, and the bottom is always hot.

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