Mounting Flourescents Direct to Ceiling joists

kevin1900July 19, 2013

I have a new pole barn and have some flourescent light fixtures to install. Can I screw them directly to the joists/trusses or should I install another board first?

The barn is/will remain unfinished.

Half the lights will run parallel to the joists, half perpendicular.

The building is for storage only. No living space or animals. Occasional use for maintenance.

I'll go with whatever is best. Just don't want overkill.

Thank-you for any advice.

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Ron Natalie

Not an elecrical issue. Most fixtures are designed to be mounted at only two points so as long as those fall over something solid to screw into, it should be OK.

The only real issue with unheated spaces is that some fluorescents don't do well when it's sufficiently cold.

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Thanks Ron.

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A good, modern electronic ballast will strike down to 0 F if you don't mess with low-output lamps. If you want to go lower than that, you need low temp ballasts and I bet they are pricy.

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