Is this a good deal? Swap out electrical panel, add surge protect

karenschaeweJuly 21, 2012

Angie's list sent out a coupon from an A rated local licensed electrician:

$849 - This deal includes:

All new panel

All new breakers (standard single & 2 pull breakers)

All new boards

100 AMP (or 200 AMP w/ $200 upgrade)

Complete check of current and grounding

Installation of new whole home surge protector

Product: Siemens QP panel 100 AMP 30 space and SURGE protector! Upgrade to 200 AMP panel for an additional $200 - paid at time of service.

The Fine Print

Includes standard single & 2 pull breakers, additional charges will apply if specialty breakers are required

Additional charges are not anticipated but may apply for unforeseen circumstances such as circuit extensions to accommodate new panel

If current panel is not labeled additional charge will apply

Does not include GFI or AFCI breakers

If dry wall repair is needed additional charges may apply

Upgrade to 200 AMP Panel for an additional $200 - paid at time of service

Coupon does not include Permits

I am certain we will fall into the category of "additional charges for unforseen circumstances". And we also need to have some GFCIs added, some wiring run for the new kitchen lights and range, a couple ceiling fans and so forth. The house is a 1967 ranch, POs took good care of it but it is sorely in need of updating. Oh, and it has aluminum wiring so we will have them do the connectors too.

But anyway, does the panel swap out seem like a good price? Our current panel is in good condition but there are no empty spaces for the new stuff so we need a new panel anyway.


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You don't have enough information to make an informed decision because you don't know the cost of those "extras." If you want your panel upgraded, call some folks and get prices.

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