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becky_iaDecember 10, 2008

Been awhile since I have posted any projects, but I haven't been idle!

Here are some of the latest lite blocks made. Can't decide which is my favorite, although the red shoes are on the top of the list. This one goes to my daughter for Christmas to sit on her desk at work. I think she is going to love it.

What do you all think?


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Oh, my word! I can't choose. I love them all! Wow!

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Yep, BECKY, you have a knack for doing these blocks. I LOVE those red shoes. Your glass cutting is soooo to be admired. Wish I had patience to do that. Absolutely perfection - every one of them.

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Becky I love these blocks. Beautiful

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Bravo! The red shoe one is awesome, but I think it would have to be that fish one with the cute border that's my favorite!

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Oh, Becky, they are all wonderful! The red shoes are fantastic... but so are the rest. Great job. I really like the bases you've put them on too. Very professional look. I don't have the patience for such perfection!

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LOVELY!!! And your DH makes those wood frames for you? You are just pumping stuff out!!! Those are pretty sexy shoes!!haha!

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Hi, Don't believe I've ever posted here before but just had to tell you people; yesterday my DSI and I went to Becky's 'Open House' sale (about a 1-1/2 hour drive from me) and I bought the adorable 'Leaf Block Lite' right now it's in a temporary place in my home and at night it just glows beautifully!!! after the holidays it will go on my antique writing desk, I really-really like it! and Becky with a big smile on her face was really busy keeping up with all of her sales. Seriously I don't how she parts with anything! Great Job Becky!!! -Wendy

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Ah shucks just make me feel so nice inside! Thank you for coming to my Open House and for picking up the light block!

Had a wonderful sale yesterday! Lots of very excited people picking up Christmas presents and did lots of visiting with old friends and several new ones! Got orders for several gazing globes so will be trying to get at least one of them done before Christmas.


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They are FANTASTIC!! But I love the shoes! Dorothy would be so touched!

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You are welcome Becky!
cait1, Yes the red shoe one was just darling, also the red hat one, also the shamrock one and the...well you get the point!lol Wendy

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I'm not from this site. I heard about them on another site. They are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!You are sooo talented....

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I came here from the craft forum, someone posted a link to this thread. OH MY GOSH!!!! I love those!!!

I have to say, the red shoes one is perfection!!!
And those frames for them really finish them off!

Are you close to the Dallas/Ft Worth area???

/crossing fingers.

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I've never seen any as pretty as yours. You do beautiful work. What a talent you have. What do you use to glue the stained glass to the block. TFS.

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Thank you! I do enjoy making them and enjoy seeing how happy they make people when they get one for themselves!

I just took more pictures of another batch I did. (I use a glass on glass glue-either mac glue or weldbond)

And no, I am sorry to say I am not close to Dallas/Ft. Worth although I do get there every so often as have relatives in Texas (Dallas & Georgetown). I live in the heartland...Iowa where we are getting ANOTHER snowstorm today and a bigger one headed our way for Thursday and Friday!

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