Fluted Lamp Post

mowersJuly 2, 2010

We have a fluted lamp post...appears to be aluminum. I wanted to install an "eye" so it turns on when someone approaches the light or the car drives down the driveway. Also want to install an electrical outlet I always see on lamp posts. It appears the "eye" will not be an issue because it is relatively small diameter and will fit the non fluted portion of the pole. In regards to the electrical outlet, how do you address the fluted part. I am guessing they do not make a fluted profile electrical box, so the best one can do is caulk where the flute is to prevent water running into the box. Do they make a rounded back so at least it matches the overall profile of the round fluted pole?

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I wouldn't try to flush-mount a receptacle in the post. I'd use a fully weatherproof rectangular outdoor box, surface mounted. Paint to match.

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I saw a lamp post outlet on line a while ago. I believe it had a rounded back so it was more of a flush fit to the pole so it is not major ugly. It was relatively thin too.

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This may be it, but there is no good picture

Here is a link that might be useful: might work ??

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