Replacing ceiling fixture

sue_ctJuly 30, 2011

I purchased a basic ceiling fixture at Home Depot. I have done this simple type of switch out before with no problems, wiring black to black and white to white, ground to ground or ground to ground screw. My problem is that this fixture has 2 black wires and 2 white wires. The directions that come with it only describe and show a single white and a single black coming from the fixture. Customer Service is not open on the weekend from the number provided for help in directions PLUS it states that only non electrical quesitons will be answered.

Anyone know if this is a simple thing? Can you put the 2 black from the fixture to a single black from the ceiling and the same for the white wires? If this is more involved and requires an electrician to install I would rather just return it and get one I can install myself.

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For the record, found the answer elsewhere. The fixture has two lights with a black and white wires coming from each. Twisted the two black wires together and the two white wires together, then attached them to the wires from the ceiling, black to black and white to white as usual, with a wire cover. It is working fine, so unless someone believes this is wrong, and lets me know, the problem is resolved.

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