Do You Own an Oceana Glass Sink

monicakm_gwAugust 12, 2014

and is it in your bathroom? Mine has dulled/etched at the bottom around the drain like maybe where water doesn't drain out completely. It's a Crystal Reflections color so it's not noticeable to anyone other than me unless I point it out. But I'm considering put a cobalt copper color in my husband's renovated bathroom. It's a dark copper brown. Thinking if it does it again, it's going to show up worse on the darker color.

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Is it mineral deposits ON the glass, or etching INTO the glass?

If it's mineral deposits on the glass, then vinegar and scrubbing might be all you need. If it's etching into the glass -- well, that really shouldn't be happening.

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There were mineral deposits on where the water hits but runs off. That was removed with CLR. At the drain where a bit of water tends to collect is where it looks eteched into the glass. And I agree, that should not be happening. I complained about this 4 or 5 years ago and they said they didn't know what to, "no one else has ever complained" Now that I'm wanting to buy another one, I'm concerned it will happen again and be much more prominent on darker sink. I have sent them a couple of pictures for the technical guy to look at.
See the dullness around the drain?
This is with a flash:

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Without a flash

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I do see....wonder if there's something in your water causing it...

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I would have your water tested. I had a water purifying guy trying to sell me a water filter that would eliminate all the white gunk around my shower head etc.

I never did buy it, but I do get white buildup around the chrome edges of my shower head and shower door.

I would try using that dishwasher power booster stuff that is supposed to take etching off glasses from hard water or some such mineral in some peoples water.


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I thought I posted this earlier, but don't see it.

Could it be toothpaste residue that either etched or doesn't get rinsed out? The abrasives in toothpaste could do that to glass.

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No, I'm fairly certain it's not toothpaste. I rinse the sink out well after brushing, but, I do see how it could look that way to you.

My water could be an issue. Goodness knows it's been an issue in a lot of other issues. Wonder if the drain isn't fitted properly? Of if it's the way the sink is made that causes water to pool right around the drain. I REALLY want the cobalt copper glass sink but I'll be sorry I bought it if it's going to have the same thing happen.

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