3-piece Curtain Rod -- Making me crazy!

blakelrAugust 13, 2010

Okay, I know I have my moments...but how can I not be able to figure this out?! Help, please!!

I recently purchased two curtain rods that each come with three rod pieces and can extend up to 120 inches. The middle piece is nearly the same as the larger of the other rod pieces--on one end it is open (but not wide enough that it will fit over the bigger of the other two pieces) and the other end has a place to screw in a finnial. I have no clue as to how to get that middle piece to fit!

I don't think there is any part missing because the two packages all come with the same equipment. The instructions tell me how to mount it on the wall but not how to put it together. They're the Jaclyn Smith Decorative Rod Set, in case that makes a difference. I have looked online and I can't find any hints about how to do this. Please let me know if I can make the question any clearer, because I'm not sure if I explained it well.

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I just had this problem, and it took a lot of head banging before I finally figured it out. One of the rods that has the finnial already attached is actually the MIDDLE piece. Find the one that slips into the larger one. Take off that finnial, attach it to the extra rod piece. You should end up with 2 'outer rods' and the new 'middle' rod that will slip into both ends. Hope this works!

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Oh, jeez, seems like I should've been able to figure that out, right? lol -- thank you so much!

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thanks, annfire!
I too was wracking my brain. I also wondered what to do with the extra parts that went inside the tube: I couldn't figure out how to use the screws. Once you said to detach the finials on the thinner rods and attach them to the thicker rods, I found answers to both my questions!

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