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chefwongJuly 1, 2010

Anyone happen to know the code on what is the proper/approved housings for exterior wires...

If I recall, it has to be in hard conduits (alum or steel) for anything longer than 6 inches or 6 feet...

I guess the same question applies lets say from a exterior disconnect box or weatherproof subpanel....I do see quite a bit of liquid tight rubber conduit out here in NYC..

Just trying to make sure things are up to spec when my HVAC upgrade happens. My brothers house has SJ cord...from the condensors to the air handlers. SJ cord is in the same slimduct as where the refridgeration coils and tucked in. While neat, I don't think the SJ is up to code...

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If I recall, it has to be in hard conduits (alum or steel) for anything longer than 6 inches or 6 feet..."

Nust be a local rule, it is not in the NEC.

Liquid tight is actually pretty common from the disconnect for an outside compressor to the unit itself.

It is even sold as a 'whip' with wires, conduit, and connectors already assembled.,
You pick the gauge wire needed (and number of conductors) and just cut everything to length.

They are usually about 6 feet long.

SJ cord is not rated for permanent use.

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