75% intensity paint mix

ezb123August 16, 2012

I finally found a color that I like for my nursery. SW Sleepy Blue is a great blue-grey without being too baby blue or "Carolina" blue. I'm concerned that it may be a little dark, since I have only one window that is shaded. I read in a blog that if you like the color when it is wet and it dries a little too dark, that a 75% mix will give you the color you want. Has anyone experienced this? I've read about 50 and 75% mixes before but never with the description about the wet paint appearance.

Thank you!!

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Since the color seems to be a lighter color, it usually works.

Medium-to-lighter colors are just fine with doing this.
Deep colors can be REALLY adversely affected!
As you move into darker tint-bases, more TIO2 pigment is left out. This makes these base much more "sheer", so going lighter with a deep color WILL result in a less-than-desireable result!

...UNLESS you like putting on 6 coats....


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Ok, thank you. I think I might have them make me a sample just to be sure. I would hate for it to come out a color I don't like, when I am ok with the 100%.

I'll follow up in case someone else is researching a similar question.

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I mixed SW Iceberg 50% and the walls look white. No color at all. I wanted a light grey-blue but worried it would look too blue. The bedroom is dark, little natural light.

The walls look bright silver white. Not bad but not what I was looking for. I would test a wall before mixing 75%.


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Did you try the Iceberg first? Does the paint color you have now look like what the Iceberg did when it was wet?

I guess that is what I am going for...what the Sleepy Blue looks like in the can or before it dries.

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I ended up getting a sample of the 75%, just to be sure. It looks nice, what I was going for actually, the wet version. We decided we like the original color better, I'm glad I got the sample. I'll have to remember this trick in the future though, just a subtle difference might help with other colors.

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