Ceph, the almost bride!

justnotmarthaNovember 21, 2008

Well friend ~ I'm guessing we aren't going to be hearing from you for the next couple days! Just in case you happen to check in before the big day, I just wanted to wish you the very best. You will be beautiful and it will be a truly wonderful day, I know it. Enjoy every moment, and EAT EAT EAT. :-)

Hugs to you . . . hurry up with the pics!


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And sleep in! Years ago we went to a wedding where the bride's mother had her daughter up at like 4am getting ready (wedding was at 3pm as I recall) and the poor girl fainted early on in the reception and was never seen again :-(
Don't stress the details (though I'm sure you won't) - you'll only remember in the long run if you had a good day or not - so have a great one!
Congratulations Ceph!

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Congratulations Ceph!!!

I'm sure you'll roll with the punches, but the one thing my dad told me over & over just before my wedding... 'just remember that anything that goes ~wrong~ probably won't be noticed by anyone but you... so relax and enjoy your day' and he was so right. We walked into the reception and right away I noticed the cake topper was not on top of the cake. My new husband ran to get it (ha, since he actually set up our cake & was supposed to put it on there) Nobody else even noticed it.

Just have fun!!! You'll be gorgeous!

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Congratulations!! You'll be beautiful. Have a great time and enjoy your day!!

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Best wishes for a wonderful wedding --
I already know the marriage will be great!

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Dear Ceph,

I hope for you a long lifetime with the man that you have chosen to be your husband. May he always watch over you and make your feel as though you are the most important woman on earth to him. May your life be filled with wondrous moments of romance, understanding, sharing and excitement for life together. May he always remember what makes you smile, what makes you laugh and what makes you cry. I pray that the home that you make together will always feel like the safest place on earth and may you always make your way their, together.

I pray that life's challenges will seem less difficult because you share them with each other. I pray that your life together will be like traveling down a brand new highway and not like taking the back roads after a hard rain.

Have a wonderful time, have a blessed marriage.

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I'll pass on the advice my dad gave me "Don't forget to do things just for you and DH... dont forget the little excursions...they are the ones you remember the most"

Congratulations and absolute best wishes

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Clink to the Bride and Groom.

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Congrats Ceph!! Don't have much advice to give to you except enjoy your day...it is the one day that is all about you!

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Congrats Ceph!

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Congratulations, ceph, I hope you've had a great day and start to a wonderful marriage.

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Congrats Ceph..becoming a member of the "official SM Club"

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Thanks everyone!!
I'll go post some pics in a new thread right after I hit "submit"

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