After a year, finally done

ohtobedoneDecember 8, 2010

Since working fulltime and trying to finish this window, I finally got it done. This is going to be put in a shadow box. Just wanted to share. Merry Christmas to all my forum friends!!!!!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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My word!!!! That is one of the most beautiful windows I've ever seen. Girlie: You really did a number on this project. The gold is perfect. The whole thing is soooooooo professionally done. Absolutely an outstanding job. Take a deep bow - as the girls in the south do.

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That is very pretty !! Great job!!!

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You did a great job. Pat yourself on the back!

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Wow, it's gorgeous! Absolutely stunning.

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Couldn't be perfect-er!
No wonder it took a year :)

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