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cephNovember 24, 2008

Hi SM friends!

Thanks for all your lovely wishes during our engagement!

DH (heehee) and I are just hanging out in the living room with some friends, looking at photos, chitchatting, and one person is knitting :)

The wedding day went incredibly well - it was so much fun! (and nothing major went wrong)

I had the best day - Thursday and Friday were stressful, but I woke up Saturday relaxed, happy and looking forward to my wedding.

I went for a delicious breakfast with my bridesmaid, her daughter and her mom... Then off to hair appointments...

Then had a delicious lunch with some girlfriends, my sister and my bridesmaid's mom and daughter... Then we went up to my room to do our makeup.

What a fabulous pre-wedding - so much fun!

DH and I met up for a few minutes alone in the hotel's atrium and then we did photos. I'm so glad we did photos first, because it cleared up all my nerves and was a blast!

I'll have pro-pics sometime soon and will share a few with you, but for now I'll give you a few shots taken by our family and friends.

(I didn't edit anything, so please excuse the red-eye and so on)

DH coming in with A__:

Here's me coming in with my Dad and SM:

Here's when our officiant told us to make out:

Now we're coming back in to the reception:

I'm not sure what we're laughing at, but we look awfully happy!!

First dance:

Me and my dad, crying while laughing (my family loves to cry):

My 9yo nephew wanted to spin me when we were dancing:

My 6mo nephew has the world's cutest pout:

And this is the funniest photo ever - I was doing a goofy dance to Ice Ice Baby, and tried to teach it to my dad, who was demanding "some slow sh17" to dance to... But he couldn't figure out the dance, so he just started pumping his suspenders at me, which made me laugh my butt off!

The wedding was a blast!

DH and I had a great jacuzzi tub with a glass of champagne when we got back to our room ;)

Then we had a come-and-go reception today, and our place was totally packed with friends and family! And I wore my pretty dress that my mom wore to their Sunday events from their wedding in 1968.

Here's me and a dear family friend (we cried when we saw each other - like I said my family loves to cry!)

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Don't you all look like you had a wonderful time! A__ is soooo cute I could just hug him to bits (and I bet he'd hate that :-) ). And your DH looks so HAPPY! Often in wedding photos the groom looks somewhat apprehensive, or "what the hell have I done????", but your DH is so relaxed and smiley. Good sign!

Congratulations to you both, a long and happy life together.

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congratulations ceph....I'm glad that everything went so well for you. Now you can relax! Blessings to you and your new hubby and little A_ _.

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Congratulations! And thanks for taking the time to post your wonderful photos. You look beautiful, and as Colleen pointed out, Hubby looks relaxed and happy.

All the best!

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You both look deliriously happy. I wish you a lifetime of happiness, stepmom ceph

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congrats. looks like a great wedding.

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(& that man's expression says it all:

he knows he hit the jackpot when he found you!)

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congrats, ceph, you and dh both look wonderfully happy.

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congratulations Ceph!

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Congratulations!! Those pics are adorable and you all look so great. So glad you had a wonderful day. Congrats again!!

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Wow - I was willing to give you at least 2 or 3 days before getting picture demanding - way to be on top of it! :-P

You all look so relaxed and happy - I love the laughing picture. There are just times when you can tell it's 'right.' Congrats to you all - here's to many happy years of stepmom-ness!!

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Congratulations!!! What beautiful pictures. I am so happy for you!

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