Scared to begin

amerique2December 5, 2010

Just read the post "scared to finish" and I thought...what about "scared to begin"?

I'm afraid that is me. I've been collecting stained glass, broken plates, and all kinds of pieces to mosaic for at least a year, really a lot longer. Have thought about designs and have some of the tools from a fused glass class I took. But the bottom line is I haven't even started a project. Don't know why I don't get started, unless I'm scared the mosaics won't live up to my dreams. And I know I'll make plenty of mistakes along the way. I just need the impetus to dig in and get started. Want to make some stepping stones eventually, but don't have all those materials yet. What I do have are wooden trivets and ceramic plates that I would like to mosaic. Guess I need to start with a smaller project to get my feet wet.

Looking at all the photos here is inspiring.

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Well good grief!!! So you want your first project to be a masterpiece, huh? I was just like you, AMER:, b/f I finally dove in and said "what do I have to lose - if I don't like it, I'll trash it". Believe me - from the very first to this day, I don't know why I didn't start a whole lot earlier. I say to you - break something, and start gluing on one of those trivets. The only fear you'll have after that is that you won't have enough time to devote to mosaics, you won't have enough paper to make a list of all you want to do, and you can't figure out how to tell your friends to leave you alone - don't come, don't call, whatever. I'm telling you, if you want a hobby that w/totally change your life, glue something today!!! Really - what do you have to lose - a small trivet? What a waste of time worrying. Get busy.

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Hey Slow, that made me laugh out loud! Yes, a masterpiece is what I'm looking for. And I agree--a terrific waste of my time worrying and anticipating, instead of experiencing. EXACTLY! OK, I'm going to begin...tomorrow.

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I'm with Slow... if you don't like it, you can throw it away and start something new. After all, it's just scraps of plates and glass. It doesn't have to be painful to throw it away. But you'll be surprised by the marvelously transformative power of grout!

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Just DO IT! I did the same thing as you....just go for it!

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Phew - now that we have that problem solved, where do we go from here? Oh, I know - how about a picture of your WIP TOMORROW??? LOL. Love y'all.

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Thanks, y'all! Now that I've got a deadline to post a picture, I really better get started. And I can feel an obsession coming on.

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December 21. No pic yet. Is your middle name "Scarlet" by any chance? She used to say "Tomorrow is another day", didn't she?


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Checking in, Amerique2, where's the pic? Hahaha.

For my first mosaic, I ordered a kit on line; it consisted of a small bag of ugly terra cotta colored grout and maybe some glue or sealer, I don't even remember. I bought a flower pot for a dollar or so and glued some broken saucer pieces on it way too far apart. When I grouted it there wasn't enough grout to go around, so there was a bald spot on one side.

Jump in; tell us what you're working on; post a pic! You will love mosaic, and every piece you do will improve your skills and be a learning experience.

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Ha Ha Ha!!! Just came back to look the forum, and as I'm going through the pages, I see my post from December! Still procrastinating, I guess, with lots of work days in between.

Calin, how did you know? My middle name is not Scarlett but I did name my little dog Scarlett. Found her wandering the streets a block or so away from my house; neighbors directed me to the man who "owned" her and he said if I could catch her I could keep her or give her away. Another neighbor said he would take her to a rescue shelter if I would keep her for 4 days which I did. I named her Scarlett on the second day because I said "I'll think about whether or not to keep her tomorrow." I did let the neighbor take her to the rescue shelter but immediately regretted it and had to go out there the next day to adopt her! So, Scarlett does fit me very well!

Hey Silva, I have lots of pots and lots of glass pieces and china pieces. All I'm lacking is some glue and grout and tile nipper. But I have a hammer and a glass cutter, so no excuses! Maybe the next time you hear from me I'll have pics to show a work in progress. With y'all's encouragement, I AM GOING TO START.

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Went to a dog show on Friday and made lots of candid dog photos. Maybe I'll use a simple head shot and try to make a mosaic on a wooden trivet I bought at a thrift store...

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That sounds like a cool thing to do. I will keep checking back for pics! I haven't done a pot in a long time - years. You have made me think about it; I think I will make one next.

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I'm in the same boat, I did start on a seahorse but am "stuck"! Finally cleaned up my craft room no excuses!

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Maybe that will take away the pressure/fear you are feeling.

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